A Different View of Chemistry

I recall struggling with chemistry during my junior year in high school.  While I made it through the classroom part with sheer hard work and commitment, the lab portion was a different story.  After blowing up a few glass beakers in one lab session, I was banished back to the classroom to focus on homework.  Well, I survived that class and got that one behind me.  I was able to avoid chemistry in college and never had to face that lab challenge again.  La Tech probably saved some money on beakers!

Over the last thirty plus years, I have provided leadership in business, coached teams, and led various other organizations.   Based on those experiences, I can attest to a different form of chemistry being important.  This chemistry is the composition of a team and the relationships among those team members.  A good team chemistry has team members that are aligned in purpose, work effectively together, support one another, off-set weaknesses, enhance strengths, and achieve synergies together. 

I have found that fit is more important than the format of the resume when adding new team members.  The value to the team is more important than the magnitude of the talent.  The quality of the individual is more important than the qualifications of the applicant.  As Aristotle so famously stated, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

There is nothing wrong with talent or a group of talented people, but I will take team chemistry over a group of talented individuals that don’t work well together.  I have experienced both scenarios and will take loyalty, commitment, and teamwork over raw talent when given the option.  I encourage anyone leading any organization, group, or team to consider this aspect in the staffing, development, and culture building aspect of their leadership.

The initial key to this type of focus is to accurately assess the team concept.  Far too many organizations use the term team flippantly and are really nothing more than just a group of individuals getting paid by the same company.  There is no real team culture or team chemistry.  A team is a special group of people that are more interested in team success than personal achievement. 

Take some time and assess your organization with respect to the concept of team.  Consider the value of team and fit for your organization as you make progress through the rest of the year.  The statement that Together Everyone Achieves More for team is so true.  The value of teamwork is just as important in organizations as in athletics.  Chemistry is a powerful thing whether you are blowing up beakers or building teams!

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I’m here to help you be a leader worthy of following.

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